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Monday, June 12, 2006

3 song challenge - 3rd entry: the Beethoven skank

Beethoven would have liked ska. After all, he did spend most of his life in Auskaria.

Walter Murphy: A Fifth of Beethoven.
Camper Van Beethoven: Take the Skinheads Bowling.
Let's Go Bowling: Spy Market.


Blogger Eli said...

Wow, this mix is off the hook. You've covered three decades and three types of dancing (bowling is a dance - the ball follows your lead). But the question is: could Beethoven have even conceived of the modern skank? He certainly danced something that looked like the skank, but instead of calling it "the skank," he called it "der grobe Tanz" (the rude dance). Let's get our facts straight here: Franz Schubert is the true originator of "der Beethovensskank" (later shortened to "skanken" by Kraftwerk).

10:09 PM  
Blogger Keith said...

you should have offered the disclaimer: "Not to be confused with Bowling for Soup, a band which you hate."

3:17 AM  

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