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Friday, June 23, 2006

XLimp WristX

In honor of Pride Week here in the Twin Cities, I'm posting about Limp Wrist, my favorite gay straight edge hardcore punk band. They "put the ‘core’ back in homocore." You may know their lead singer, Martin Sorrondeguy, from his former band, Los Crudos. We (Jecca, Chris, and I) saw Limp Wrist play at the Triple Rock last weekend, and they cock-slapped our minds. It was heartwarming to see mohawked, spiked leather jacket-wearing kids moshing in a circle pit with a giant inflatable penis, while Martin, wearing only a jockstrap, sang about how he "likes hardcore boys" as well as "boys hardcore" (see picture). I'm glad that punk kids are less homophobic these days, much thanks to bands like Limp Wrist for raising consciousness that sexual equality and anti-discrimination should be part of the punk and straight edge ethos. Listen to Limp Wrist on their my space page.


Blogger Keith said...

this band is gay.

12:04 PM  
Blogger DEATH TO FALSE BLOGS said...

love them!
so fag i want to cry! ;)

6:15 AM  

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